Real Time Traffic Radar


Smart Micro Radar Detectors
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Floating Car Data
  • National Data Warehouse (NL)
  • Traffic Light Systems
  • Verkeers Regel Installatie - Urban Traffic Lights
  • Toerit Doseer Installatie - Motorway
  • Variable Message Sign - Motorway
  • Analytics

    Shockwave tracking
    Track the congestion (capacity, shockwaves)
    Create incident statistics (amount, heatmap)
    Create roadwork statistics (incurred delay)
    Estimate fractions / route choice patterns
    Ex-post analysis of deployed measures


    www client *
    Provide useful historical statistics in the web client

    Customer value

    Customer can see the radars and the radar detections on the network. Customer gets insight in historic performance. Specially for SmartMicro: you’ll be able to manage detectors remotely with TMC-configurator software using Fileradar Remove Management Bridge.