Coordinated Network Management - Gecoördineerd Netwerkbreed Verkeersmanagement


Floating Car Data
  • National Data Warehouse (NL)
  • Radar data
    Loop detectors
  • National Data Warehouse (NL)
  • National Technical Information Service (UK>
  • MeetRaaiManager (NL)
  • Analytics

    Network Analytics
    Real-time queue estimation
    Real-time fraction / route choice analysis (based on loops/radar).
    Real-time buffer space analysis.
    Where to buffer traffic to reach goal.
    Feedback algorithm to optimize green/red times.


    www client *
    Connect via VPN to other ESB.

    Customer value

    Ability to visually confirm and see GNV in operation. Easily track down problems (‘basis op orde’).
    Automated deployment of measures.