Smartmicro Radar, Traffic Browser

The Adaptive Flow Management (AFM) for the Maastunnel is designed to guarantee safe usage of the Maastunnel up to peak volumes, while maintaining seamless network flow around the tunnel.

Fileradar is responsible for monitoring 40 intersections using streaming data from ┬▒100 Smartmicro radars. We track the waiting queues on all intersections as input to the safety system and provide a live traffic browser of the system.


Engine6, Traffic 360

ADAPT is part of the CHARM project in which HE and RWS jointly develop the next generation of Traffic Management centers, first launch scheduled end 2017. Our partner Bemobile provides us with event and floating car data.

In ADAPT (advanced data patrolling) we use Egine6 predictions and Traffic 360 context with live operator support for UK and NL motorway networks and integrate ADAPT into DYNAC®, developed by Kapsch.

Rhoon TMC

Engine6, Traffic 360

For the Rhoon TMC (traffic management centre) we provide engine6, traffic360 and decision support we provide traffic flow predictions. In Rhoon, traffic managers are enabled to anticipate to manage traffic when small to medium incidents occur.


FCD, HTML5 Browser

For the city of Utrecht a Dante setup is made using video, loop, 24 radar detectors, bluetooth, manual counts, and public transport data. For the first use case, the data is analyzed to estimate the effect on traffic flow in a before and after study.

  • Client: Utrecht
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Fileradar App

FCD, HTML5 Browser

The Fileradar app employs the expertise of Dantesoftware, providing routeplanning on the go. Thanks to our prediction engine, the app will consider the fastest route for the given time of day, weather conditions, latest news, etc and weighs each information appropriately.