Traffic 360


Loop detectors
  • National Data Warehouse (NL)
  • National Technical Information Service (UK>
  • MeetRaaiManager (NL)
  • National Data Warehouse event data
    Floating Car Data
    Emergency services - 112 Calls
    Open Street Map Network
    Weather services
    Custom dataset, API
    Location and status of measures (VRI, TDI, VMS, peak hour lanes, matrix signals)


    Shockwave tracking
    Congestion tracking on urban and exurban network
    Link all data to tracked instances and network


    www client *
    Interactive map

    Customer value

    We provide a compact view of the information that is released from all the sources in your network (instead of split views on all separate sources). All relevant information (congestion, events, status of measures) linked to a congestion instance is presented providing full situational awareness (common operational picture) when zoomed out and show all the linked data sources to congestion when zoomed in.

    Ability to seamlessly look up past events with the time-slider.
    Ability to see ”fleet” in Traffic 360.