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Everything you need to know about our Company

Staying ahead

Fileradar BV is a young, innovative and bright company.
We are result driven and make the best past, present & future traffic analytics for our customers to keep ahead.
We enrich traffic data with our high quality algorithms and software and make the output accessible and ready to use for our customers’ goals.

Frank Zuurbier

Dr. Frank Zuurbier


Dr. Frank Zuurbier received the bi-annual Cuperus prize for best Master theses in Traffic and Transport for his MSc-thesis at Delft University of Technology in 2005. His PhD research focused on intelligent route guidance that provided the foundations to establishing Fileradar. Frank manages the IT backend, data management software development and algorithms.


Dr. Chris van Hinsbergen


Dr. Chris van Hinsbergen graduated in 2006 with honours at Delft University of Technology. In 2010 he received his PhD on the topic of calibration and validation of traffic prediction models. Since then he is owner and director of Fileradar. Within the company, Chris is mainly responsible for algorithm development, system integrations and project management.

Marije van den Berg

Marije van den Berg

Project Management and Relations

I make sure that Fileradar's operations flow smoothly and lean. It's my responsibility that the relations with our network are well maintained. I have a good antenna for business opportunities as well as personal details. I listen to the customers and the challenges that they face. I see myself as a translator between the customer and the technical world.

Adam Pel

Dr. Adam Pel


Dr. Adam Pel graduated with honors in 2007 at Delft University of Technology. In 2011 he received is PhD-degree with a thesis on the topic of traffic flows at evacuations. Since 2014 Adam combines his job of Assistant Professor at Delft University with a part-time job at Fileradar. Within the company he is mainly responsible for Research and Development of the prediction engine.

Peter Biczók

Peter Biczók

Project Engineer

Peter Biczók, MSc. graduated in 2013 as City and Transport Planner from the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, London. Before his studies he led IT projects for blue chip financial firms in London and Vienna. Peter has been working since early 2016 part-time for Fileradar beside his job as a Transport Planner at Bicyclize.

Jeroen van der Gun

Jeroen van der Gun

Multimodal transport modelling

Jeroen van der Gun, MSc. graduated with honors in 2013 at Delft University of Technology and is currently working there on his PhD thesis on simulation modeling of multimodal transportation networks during emergency conditions. Since 2017 he has been supporting Fileradar on multimodal modelling.