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Traffic Prediction

Big Data & Floating Car Data based predictions

Staying ahead of traffic

Big Data empowered traffic data analytics for transport professionals and the general public*.

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Truly Flexible

Any type of data source can be assimilated. So far the following sources have been made accessible: open streetmap, openLR, loop detectors, bluetooth, floating car data, radar detector, video, weather imagery, structured feeds e.g. RSS, Datex2, unstructured data from twitter or websites. In general connecting to an API, accessing a known database or assimilating data directly from a collection of sensors is a rutine task.


Powerful Analytics

  • Shockwaves: detection and ultra short term prediction. Shockwaves are stop-and-go traffic jams that move upstream through the traffic network. Shockwaves are sometimes known to induce congestion where traffic is at a critical stage.
  • Motorway congestion: ‘regular’ congestion associated with a temporal/spatial capacity problem. During the peak hours at a certain (well known) bottleneck congestion starts. Vehicles start queuing until the peak demand falls below a certain threshold and the queue starts to dissolve.
  • Urban queue: The queue of waiting vehicles before a traffic light or urban intersection which have to wait one or more cycles before they can pass the traffic light..
  • Gridlock: The congestive condition when an urban network as a whole becomes congested..
  • Accidents: A special case of congestion is related to accidents. On average about 25% of traffic can be associated with accidents.
  • Traffic Browser 360 (HTML5)

    Desktop & Mobile

    All information is made accessible via internet on our traffic browser. The traffic browser is accessible on all html5 capable devices and is build on standards such as leaflet, meteor and nodeJS. The traffic browser is simply put: a dynamic mapping application, just like Google maps but with dynamic data. The traffic browser offers highly 2way interactive user specific sessions where users can view the traffic state at any historic, recent or future time at any place. In the past 7 years we have learned how to visualize data in such a way it is kept understandable.

    Off-the-shelf modules

    Network Analytics

    We compute congestion statistics, probablility and average size to determine capacity and predict shockwaves.

    Network Balancing

    As part of network analytics, we determine where excess capacity in the network could be allocated to better manage traffic demand.

    Shockwave tracker

    Determining shockwave hotspots, the probability of shockwave build up in the near future and where mitigation can ease build up.

    Realtime Traffic Radar

    Radar detectors' sensor data that estimates queues at signalised intersection with a 10 second interval.


    Real-time network analytics and decision support based on Floating Car Data, Loop detectors and Radar data.

    Adapt Traffic Operator Support

    Traffic operator decision support module warning and solving traffic conditions in realtime.

    Traffic 360

    A complete package of traffic observatory: current situation with ability to assess past and predicted future situation.

    Engine 6 Traffic Predictions

    Floating car and meta-data based traffic predictions upto 1 hour in the future.

    Travel Times Prediction

    Providing accurate travel times for given route and time of travel, suggesting alternative routes and/or ideal times of departure.

    Routes analysed
    MBs of Data analysed Hourly
    No. of Data source types
    Average Hourly Vehicles Today

    Merging national & commercial data sources

    We believe that traffic congestion and traffic jams / queues are waists of valuable costs and time and negatively influence quality of life. We believe that traffic can be managed when the right insights are provided and proper actions can be taken.

    Fileradar BV provides high quality traffic analytics to those who want (to manage and improve the traffic flow) to keep the traffic flowing. We analyse past, present and future data and provide our customers enriched visualisations and insights so they can take action.

    Therefore, Fileradar BV contributes to a better quality of life.

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